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Description of iOKAY - Personal Safety

Download it for free right now, because we can´t put a price on your safety!

Also available for Android Wear.


Have you been robbed? Suffered an accident?

Are you lost? Do you need assistance right away?

Get help with iOkay by pushing 1 button! iOkay is a security app, developed to become your Private Guardian.

It´s always ready to protect you.


Install iOkay, register your parents and friends, and with a single touch on the green button, let them know that you’re OK and send them your exact location, or, with a single touch on the red button, you ask for help immediately . You can also send your GPS coordinates in real time.

iOkay allows you to write custom messages and warnings, make calls, check a list with the main emergency numbers in Brazil, set safe zones in a map and tell your contacts every time you go through your safe zones, or show your contacts that your cell phone’s battery is running low, but you are OK.

When both users have the iOkay app installed, the notifications are sent through the app, but whenever one of the users doesn’t have the app or doesn’t have a data connection, the message is sent via SMS, making sure that all the messages are sent and received.

Unlike all the similar available apps, iOkay won’t track your location all the time, so it won’t invade your privacy. It’s just an extremely practical and efficient security tool, that allows you to ask for help from your contacts by simply pushing a button.

No matter where you are! iOkay is designed to work under any circumstances, even with no Wi-Fi or mobile data, such as 2g, 3g and 4g. Even in remote places, iOkay will work via SMS.

✓ Green Button

With one touch, it sends a message informing that you’re OK.

Hold it for 2 seconds to send your location and the statement: “I’m OK!”

✓ Yellow Button

Use it to warn your contacts about unexpected things, for example: “I will spend the night out”.

✓ Red Button

With one touch it sends your location and the following statement: “I need help!”

Hold it for 2 seconds to call 911(Police)

✓ Low Battery

Turn on this feature, and iOkay will inform your contacts that your battery is low and you’re OK, it will also send your location.

✓ Safe Zones

Setup your safe zones on a map, and iOkay will inform your contacts when you’re inside one of them.

✓ Tracking

Turn on this feature, and set a time interval to inform your contacts of your location when you’re in an emergency. For example, if you set the interval for 45 seconds, every time you push the red button, the app will send your location and the emergency message to your contacts every 45 seconds.

✓ Useful Phone Numbers

Full access to Brazil’s main emergency numbers

✓ Messages

Personalize your OK and Emergency messages

Text your contacts.

✓ Contacts

Quickly and easily import contacts from your phonebook


“iOkay is a smart app, recomended for those who don’t want to use their cellphones during a party, or other occasions, just to inform their parents that they’re OK. It has a simple interface, it’s easy to use and very user friendly.” -

“iOkay is an app for those for those who want to inform that they’re safe. It’s the right app for parents who worry about their children. The app has an easy to understand look, and is very easy to use, it makes communication very simple when you need it most.” -

Suggestions and questions are always welcome, please contact us through our email at the end of this page.

Your opinion means a lot to us.

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